This Movie Is Being Touted As This Generation’s Exorcist And The Trailer Is Terrifying

The most used phrase in our country is ‘bhai meri g*nd phat gayi‘. (citation needed)

In our relentless quest to watch things that scare us, we often come across movies that somewhat succeed. Last year, we got IT that was borderline traumatic for everyone who hates clowns, or probably has low self-esteem. This year Insidious: The Last Key managed to scare us.

But all of these movies seem like an episode of Teletubbies in comparison to this trailer.

Being touted as this generation’s Exorcist, Hereditary seems like the movie we’ll love to hate.


Here’s the trailer:

Hereditary received a bountiful amount of praise from critics and viewers at the 2018 Sundance festival. Reviewers claimed that it’s “destined to be the hit of the horror circuit” and that it’s a horror film that finally lives up to its hype – one of the creepiest in years.

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