Here are 10 Most Bizarre People Living On This Planet Right Now!

The world is a strange place and being normal is totally overrated. We meet all sorts of people who have strange obsessions and habits. However, some people surpass all things normal and do things that are bound to make you stop and go WTF!

1. The man who lived on the airport

Have you watched ‘The Terminal’? Well, the inspiration behind the story is an Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who spent 18 years on the terminal 1 of the Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. With his refugee documents stolen in Paris, the man decided to go to England the way he had planned but was sent back to France without the documents.


With no country to deport him, he spent years at the airport.  Hospitalised in 2006, he was transferred to a homeless shelter in Paris in 2007.

2. A Hand up in peace

Saduh Amar Bharati raised up his hand for world peace in 1973 and it’s been up in the air for the last 38 years. The nervous system of the arm has stopped functioning, the muscles, bone, and skin have withered away and the nails spiral down.


3. The man who was pregnant with his own twin

Bhagat from Nagpur was always made fun of for his bulging belly. However, one day he was rushed to the hospital with a swollen belly that won’t let him breathe. What the doctors found would stun you! There was a half-formed body of his twin brother that had never born.


4. The dead man who is still alive

In 1975, Lal Bihari was declared dead by the government of India, thanks to a ploy by his brother who bribed some officials for property matters and filed for his death. It took the man 19 years to undo his death by doing everything from signing “Late Lal Bihari” to planning his own funeral to even demanding widow’s compensation.


Finally, in 1994, he got to live again! Also, surprisingly, the man found 100 more such people who are very much alive and still declared dead!

5. The girl with X-Ray vision

Natasha Demkina is known as the “girl with the x-ray eyes,” in Russia. The girl has got a talent of being able to have an X-ray vision that allows her to see inside the human body, with the bones and tissues.


6. The Snake Girl

Most of us love pets and wouldn’t mind one. 14 year old, Kajol Khan from Uttar Pradesh is in love with her pet cobras and doesn’t mind getting bitten off by them as well. She plays and has food with snakes and has also survived dangerous cobra bites. She wants to become a snake catcher just like her father when she grows up.


7. The Unicorn Woman

87-year-old Chinese grandmother has surprised the world of medicine with a bizarre horn that started growing on her forehead. What started as a black mole on her head is now a full grown horn. The medical explanation to this is a cutaneous horn, which is a harmless skin tumour.


8. Waist or no waist woman

Michelle Kobke is a German woman who has shrunk her waist from 26 inches to 16 inches wearing a corset and is still wishing for another 2 inches to go off. And you think your diet regime is on point?


9. The man who never sleeps

You think you can survive without sleep? Well, Thai Ngọc is known for something none of us can do! The Vietnamese man got a fever in 1973 and hasn’t slept since then. No medicines, a hard day at work or even alcohol can put him to sleep! Also, the man hasn’t been ill once since insomnia hit him.


10. The Man who hated haircuts

Tran van Hay is a Vietnamese herbalist who hadn’t cut his hair for 50 years until his death at the age of 70 in 2010. Also, he had washed it only a few times and this is how he looked.


Reality is indeed stranger than fiction.

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