10 Of The Most Heartbroken Characters In Bollywood Films Who Never Got Their Happy Ending

Heartbreak, each of us have felt this at one point or the other in life. Getting your heart trampled upon is the worst feeling ever. The sheer misery is painful and can leave behind scars that take time to heal. Sometimes it may take a lifetime to get through.

If you are heartbroken, have faith it gets better. Take respite in knowing that you don’t have it as bad as these characters in Bollywood films. Yes, they are fictional but their stories are pretty messed up! These characters in Bollywood had their hearts put through the shredder. Yikes!

#1.Nisha (Karisma Kapoor) from Dil Toh Pagal Hai

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Nisha got friend zoned in the worst way possible. If people say chicks don’t get friend zoned, that is a lie! Just look at her! The poor fool is thinking of spending rest of her life with Rahul and he is there partying and getting drunk, being cynical AF.

#2. Aman (Salman Khan) from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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Salman Khan always gets the girl. Unless the competition is SRK. The dude got left at the altar, by his self-righteousness, technically. He was so ‘noble’ that he selflessly gave away the love of his life to another man. Because, well, love makes you do crazy things. Like, ruin your own wedding.

#3. Jimmy Shergill in 95% of his films!


This dude can’t catch a break. His characters get their hearts broken, then shredded into mince and then the savage left overs are then passed onto other films so they can get the same treatment. Bollywood just hasn’t been kind to his characters! Poor Jimmy Shergill.

#4. Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra) in Bajirao Mastani



Kashibai had her heart broken historically in the film. Yet she chooses to deal with the Bajirao and Mastani drama with grace. She does all that and both still end up dying in the end. Boo hoo.

#5. Aman (Shah Rukh Khan) in Kal Ho Na Ho



SRK ugly cries a lot in this one. He dies in the end with a hole in his heart ( no spoiler alert! if you haven’t watched the film shame on you)! Aman plays the matchmaker to cynical Preity Zinta, falls in love with her, gives her up for Saif Ali Khan, because well, he gonna be dead. If you love a good cry, put this film on repeat.

#6. Veronica (Deepika Padukone) in Cocktail



Veronica was the least stereotypical character Bollywood has ever produced and how does she get rewarded? With tears and whole lotta heartbreak! The poor girl gets her heart broken because Saif Ali Khan fell for the girl next door, for which he had to transform his playboy ways completely. The sadder part is that Veronica still has to remain best friends with the dude and his new girl! Life sucks for her, I tell you. Next time you feel self-pity, think about Veronica and feel good.

#7. Kundan (Dhanush) in Raanjhanaa



Well, you don’t actually feel sorry when the creepiest character in Bollywood ends up heartbroken. Kundan is the textbook guide for a stalker. But he was heartbroken and then dies, so he qualifies on this list on technicality.

#8. Dev (Suniel Shetty) in Dhadkan



Dev’s lady love is forced to marry a rich dude. In revenge he aims to become rich and win her back (yes, after she is still married). Shilpa Shetty of course then falls in love with her husband, breaking Dev’s heart yet again. You see a lot of crying happening in the movie. Oh and Dev’s mom dies too. This movie should have been named ‘Dhadcan’t’!

#9. JJ (Ranbir Kapoor) in Rockstar



Although the movie was an utter flop we can all agree, JJ was the saddest heartbroken dude in a Bollywood film. He is so sadistic that he wants to feel pain so he can use it for his ‘material’ to become a famous rockstar. When he finally gets the girl, she dies. It can’t get worse than this for him. One thing he has going for him is that his music material is sorted for next 10 years.

#10. Akira (Anushka Sharma) in Jab Tak Hai Jaan



When you work for Discovery your life is sorted! Apparently not. Akira here had other things on priority to discover, like a raging heartbreak just waiting to happen. She falls in love with the subject of her documentary (SRK), then ends up reuniting him with his lady love (Katrina Kaif) and doing all the sacrifices. Then there is all this yaadasht BS that we can just forget that it happened!

Moral Of The Story: Bollywood would not have any happy endings if people didn’t get second chances. Also, all of these people were too nice and sacrificed the love of their life selflessly. In real life, they would have chosen murder instead of sacrifice. Word of advice people: before falling in love, saavdhaan rahe, satark rahe. Dhaniyawad.

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