Before You Book Tickets For Haseena Parker, Check Out What Twitterati Has To Say About It

Haseena Parker hits the theatres today and before you watch the movie, check out the reviews.


The movie is based on the life of Dawood Ibrahim’s late sister, Haseena Parker. The movie is helmed by Apoorva Lakhia and stars real-life siblings Shraddha and Siddhant Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor will be seen in a different and gritty avatar. Haseeena Parker has hit the theatres today and this might help you decide whether it was worth the wait or not. Twitterati has a lot to say about Shraddha Kapoor’s never seen before avatar:

#1 They were living the characters

#2 Definitely worth watching

#3 KRK gave his 2 Rs about the movie

#4 Short and sweet

#5 Shraddha Kapoor like never before.

#6 Lacks grit

#7 Spinoff?

#8 This is what Subash Jha had to say:

#9 Shraddha Kapoor is out of her comfort zone.

#10 We’ve seen everything before.

#11 That’s punny

#12 Shraddha Kapoor is the only noteworthy thing

#13 We wish to see more

#14 An underwritten character?

The mixed reactions only say that Shraddha Kapoor is brilliant as Haseena.

If these reviews appealed to you, you can book your tickets here.

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