Is The Guy You’re Dating A Keeper? Here Are 10 Signs To Know For Sure!

How many times have you found yourself in a relationship with someone you were amazed by at first but then ended up being… disappointed? All too often, relationships end because the people involved don’t have what it takes to keep it thriving through the good times and the bad.

But if your guy you’re currently involved with demonstrates these qualities, then breathe easy, because you’re dating a keeper!

1. He’s responsible.

He’ll  never hurt you knowingly and makes a genuine effort to make things work. Keepers hold themselves accountable for what they say or do.


2. He makes you a priority.

You’re as important to him as he is to you and it shows. You can rely on him for anything.


3. He’s brave.

He’s not afraid to start a conversation that matters. Or do the right thing, or take the next step.


4. He’s not afraid to admit he’s wrong.

He puts your relationship before his ego and isn’t afraid to apologise first in a fight.


5. He’s has a mind of his own, but is open to compromise.

Keepers are open to seeing or doing things differently but don’t automatically give up their point of view.


6. He’s honest.

He’s transparent about his emotions and intentions. He doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not. Keepers don’t play games.


7. He still surprises you.

Keepers are stable and reliable but also constantly reinvent themselves or try something new. This makes them exciting to be around whether it’s 2 years or 20.


8. He’s proud of you.

He looks at you like you’re the best thing on earth, and makes you feel that way. He also reminds you when you’ve forgotten.


9. He’s great at communication.

He doesn’t hesitate to reach out and more importantly, he listens.


10. He takes initiative.

He does little things to show he cares.

little things

Remember, it’s great when you find someone you “click” with, but it’s even better when you find yourself a keeper!


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