These Pictures Of Guwahati Fans Apologizing To Australia Will Fill You With Pride

The rock hurling incident that took place post the cricket match between India and Australia at Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati has probably ruined the image of the country and its citizens in front the foreign country who was supposed to be our guest. Guwahati failed to be an excellent host as a glass window of the Australian cricket team bus was shattered when a rock was hurled while the visitors were leaving the Barsapara Cricket Stadium.

However, the good folks of Guwahati realized the damage that had been done and instead of just feeling sorry, they decided to apologize on behalf of the people who cause the unnecessary harm. They decided to take the matter into their own hands and make sure that the guests do not leave the country with a bad impression.

Fans in large numbers stood outside the hotel where the Australian team members were staying and held placards saying “WE ARE SORRY AUSTRALIA”. Isn’t this a wonderful gesture to put a smile on the faces of those players who tour extensively and put their heart and soul in the game. 

In fact, a couple of fans also showed up at the Airport in order to convey the same message.

One of the first cricketers to acknowledge this wonderful gesture was Moises Henriques who took to Twitter and appreciated the effort made by the fans from Guwahati. 

Just because of some horrible people, the entire country could have been judged but the good folks at Guwahati made sure that they cover this damage in the most heartwarming way possible.

What do you think of this beautiful gesture shown by these fans? Shower your love for them in the comment section!

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