‘Gangadhar Shaktimaan Tha’, Folks On Twitter Give GST A Bunch Of Hilarious Meanings

Last night GST got a whole new meaning!


Yeh GST, GST kya hai? The whole country knows what it is. So, the actual full form is goods and services tax. That has been a topic of debate since the day it came in our lives. Some folks on Twitter asked what the full form was and boy, the answers are quite amazing.

And Twitterati was quite innovative and amusing with the answers.

#1 And the best answer is:

#2 The duniya is lost.

#3 Salary hi nahi, tum bhi!

#4 This man said it.

#5 Yeh hi hoga.

#6 Arrey oh sambha!

#7 This is only left to do.

#8 Arrey arrey

#9 Whoever this man is, is amazing.

#10 Mistakes have been made.

What is GST for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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