Governor Swaraj Is Reigning Twitter With His Sassy Comebacks When Asked About His Wife!

Sushma Swaraj is already the queen of Twitter when it comes to governance. Time and again, our Minister of External Affairs, has made sure that a single tweet is more than enough to get work don. However, it seems that not only Mrs. Swaraj but her husband Governer Swaraj too is no less than his wife when playing the tweet game with the public. Governer Swaraj, a criminal lawyer, who also has been the youngest governor of the state, keeps getting tweets from people asking about his wife. While cannot respond to all of them, he makes sure that whenever he tweets back, it’s no less sassy.

1. When your wife blocks someone, you stand by her, NO MATTER WHAT!

2. Tankhwah aur Umar, MAT POOCHNA.

3. You don’t mess with a lawyer.

4. Every husband’s story!

5. Dobara Mat Poochna…

Well, we are sure, with all those witty comebacks, Governor Swaraj is every woman’s dream husband! Isn’t it?

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