GOT Dialogues To Quote When You Want To Feel Like A Total Badass!

Game of Thrones Season 7 came to an end this Monday and we all are feeling kind of pointless in our lives. There is nothing to look forward to for quite some time now. Until the next season arrives, all we can do is brush up on our GOT trivia and also our vocabulary.

Game of Thrones being a cultural phenomenon, there is no reason to not include it as part of our daily lives! The easiest way to pledge your allegiance to this series is to have some quotes ready to mouth off every chance you get. While you rat off these quotes, naturally you end up looking like a badass person (that you are!).

I sure as hell am keeping some ready in my mental reserve next time someone pisses me off.

Here are some GOT quotes that will make everyday conversations livelier and generally more kick-ass than ever!

#1. This is perfect for wishing on special occasions. When using it learn to ignore the odd looks people give you.


2. Every time someone accuses you of doing something stupid. Which you probably will, most of the time.


3.When your best friend or sibling says, ‘Tum mar kyun nahi jatey’.


4. This quote suits a nihilist very well.


5. When you are asked to get your shit together, quote this. It suits the chaos in your head.


6. Oh this is so tempting. Know your audience before saying this!


7. Even Karela.


8. When you are required to be all graceful and ladylike, refer to Arya. (Do you want to grow up  and be Arya as well? *whispers*)


9. When someone calls you out on your lie, be a classy Pinocchio.


10. This is such a classic and it can be used in almost every conversation. Make sure you have some booze in your hand while saying this, you know for the effect.


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