This Is What It Feels Like When You’re At A Height Of 3,800 Feet And The Glass Floor Breaks

A glass walkway in China has upped the ante for thrill-seekers by adding special effects that make its floor panels seem like they’re cracking, 3,800 feet in the air.

The East Taiheng Glass Walk is in Hubei is about 872-foot-long and 6.6-foot-wide. It also attracts a number of tourists who dare to find out how long they can stand looking at the frightening, albeit beautiful view. But as you can see from the video, a more recent addition to this marvel is really pushing people’s threshold of fear.

Freaky, right? But don’t worry, everyone (and the walkway) is completely safe.
The cracking you see is just a special effect created by infrared sensors and surround sound. To make it appear more real, some of the panels also had shattered fragments of glass placed between the layers so that when they were walked over, the glass would “break” beneath your feet.

Of course, after some tourists were scared out of their wits the administration apologized for the distress caused. They also explained that the gimmick was meant to be “provocative” and they would be not be getting rid of it anytime soon.
On the bright side though, the special effects were only added to the end and not the entire length of the walkway.

But surely this can’t be the best trick that high up in the air, especially after another glass bridge in China had a cracking incident in 2015?

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