4 Steps To Get Over Someone You Were Never Really In A Relationship With!

As lovers in a time of love without labels, we are no longer bound by the standard set of rules that defined relationships of old.

We find someone we click with, exchange numbers and spend hours texting and getting close without actually knowing where we’re headed. And when we finally do realize that we’re going nowhere, we find ourselves having to “break up” and get over people we weren’t “dating” to begin with. 

But you know what? It hurts just the same.

So here’s how you get over that almost relationship:

#1. Accept that it’s not going to happen

Not in the way you want it to, at least. I know sometimes it was easy to get carried away in the shower thinking of the possibilities or dreaming up romantic scenarios in bed. So now tell yourself otherwise. Say it out loud, if necessary.


#2. Erase them from sight

Delete your chats, unfollow them on social media and if possible, take their number out of your contact list so you aren’t tempted to drunk text them.
It’s a lot like cleaning out your closet: If something doesn’t fit, you throw it away.


#3. Go through with the plans you made

Unlike traditional breakups where you return to a place where you can start afresh, the break up process here is more of a slow fade-out to almost exactly the same life you’ve been living the whole time.

That makes it a lot more difficult. So you know what?
Go ahead and do the things you’d planned together – alone.

This is still your life, and these are still your dreams, even if you have no one to share them with.


#4. Embrace your feelings

Though you never made your feelings “official”, they were still real. These non-relationships are relationships too, even if they aren’t the kind that Facebook has a status for. So don’t fight them.


You’re allowed to be heartbroken. You’re allowed to take time to heal.

Because once you do, you’ll realize you have a chance at something better: An actual relationship with someone who cares about you.

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