Bet You Didn’t Know These 14 Game Of Thrones Facts!

There is nothing about the ‘Game Of Thrones’ that we don’t like and it keeps surprising us with new plots and twists when we are least expecting them. The series has million of fans across the globe and it has managed to keep us hooked to it till this day. got-season-7Source

We might not know but the facts behind every scene are as interesting as the show and these will change the way you watch ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Here are 14 facts about that you might not have heard about:

1) Game Of Thrones Is The Most Pirated Show


A huge amount of people download the episodes from Torrent sites making it the most pirated show of all times!

2) There Is A Sea Slug Named After Khaleesi 

A new species of sea slugs was discovered near the Brazilian shores and the scientists decided to name it ‘Tritonia Khaleesi’ after the title “Khaleesi” used by the fictional character Daenerys Targaryen.


3) Catelyn Stark Also Played The Role Of Hermione Granger’s Mother 

No one could have played Catelyn Stark better than Michelle Fairley but what a lot of people don’t know is that she also played the mother of Hermione in the Harry Potter series! In fact, apart from her, there are 12 more actors who were a part of the Harry Potter series before entering the Game Of Thrones.

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4) Theon Greyjoy Is Singer Lily Allen’s Older Brother 

The character of Theon is played by Alfie Allen, who also happens to be the older brother of famous singer Lily Allen. In fact, she was also given an offer to be a part of series which she refused.


5) The Walk Of Shame Is Inspired From True Events

Cersei’s humiliating walk of shame was actually inspired by a true event. The mistress of King Edward IV was punished the same way after he died.


6) You Can Learn The Dothraki Language 

Well, you too can speak like Khal Drogo! The language that is created by David J. Peterson has a vocabulary of over 3,000 words and it continues to grow.


7) The Pie At King Joffrey’s Wedding Feast Was Real 

The recipe of the pie that was served at King Joffrey’s wedding was borrowed from the 6th-century author Giovanni de’ Rosselli and it might interest you to know that the pie served at the set was real!


8) Peter Dinklage Did Not Require An Audition 

There was no audition for the part of Tyrion Lannister. The makers of the show already had his name in mind for the part. In fact, he also suggested the directors to cast Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister.


9) The Iron Throne Has Gandalf’s Sword

One of the swords that are forged inside the Iron Throne is actually a replica of Gandalf’s sword from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.


10) Kristian Nairn Mastered 70 Ways Of Pronouncing ‘Hodor’ 

Kristian might not have had a lot of dialogues to say but he had to make sure he masters the art of saying ‘Hodor’. He discovered 70 ways of pronouncing his character’s name depending on his mood.


11) Madonna Had Worn Daenerys’s Costume

Just like all of us, Madonna is also a huge fan of the series and to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim, she had asked the directors to lend her a famous Daenerys costume. She looked no less than the Khaleesi!


12) Maester Aemon Was Also Blind In Real Life 

The character of Maester Aemon was played by Peter Vaughan who was almost blind as his real character. Sadly, Vaughan died some time back and had his family around him.


13) Myrcella And Tommen Are A Couple In Real Life 

Cersei’s children, Myrcella and Tommen were played by Aimee Richardson and Dean-Charles Chapman, who eventually started dating and are a couple in real life.


14) Ian Whyte Plays 4 Characters In The Series 

A white walker, a nameless giant, Ser Gregor Clegane (the Mountain, before he was re-cast) and the giant Wun Wun are all played by one actor; Ian Whyte


Whoa, these definitely blew my mind!

There is nothing about Game Of Thrones that is not interesting!

Did you know any of these epic facts about the show? Do you know some other facts too? Share them with us in the comments section!

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