You’ll Definitely Swipe Right To These Funny Tinder Profiles Women Have Set Up In India

Tinder is definitely one of the weirdest places on the internet. A bunch of single guys flock to this app hoping to get some action or find a girlfriend only to be engulfed in a loop of no matches found and that awful notification that asks you to get Tinder plus.

If you’ve suffered from this, we’ve got the right compilation for you. Here are the most bizarre Indian profiles on Tinder that will make you question your sanity.

#1 Agar tum white ho toh teen guna lagaan nahi dena padega.


#2 Itne bade words likhti hai. Pakka Quora ki sapiosexual bhi hogi.

#3 Fattu ppl pls stay away (hashtag)

#4 Kaafi zyaada cool hai.

#5 Honest Tinder Profile.

#6 Bachpan se hi rebel ladki thi yeh.

#7 Lagta hai offer chal raha hai…

#8 Okay then…

#9 Itna confusion zindagi mein kabhi nai hua.

#10 Tinder isn’t for conversations, guys.

#11 Slam Poetry is a mistake

#12 Pandugiri zyaada hi ho gayi.

#13 Sirf friendship wale daaye mud jaye.

#14 BRB. Packing for Australia.

#15 Hou de kharcha.

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