These 17 Goofups In Netflix Descriptions Will Make You Question Everything You Know

Netflix is where life goes to die. The minute you subscribe to this streaming service you get sucked into hours of never-ending entertainment. If Stranger Things is not your thing, then you can binge-watch Black Mirror. You get the idea right?

When you have a collection as big as Netflix has, it is inevitable that you end up wasting more time browsing than actually watching anything. And some of the descriptions of movie or series are absolutely shady and/or funny.

Here are some of the funniest descriptions that people found on Netflix.

#1. WTF! Has my childhood been a lie this entire time?!

#2. Pretty sure, Jesus did not live a fairy tale dream. It is no ones dream to die on a cross!

#3. Wait, what…?!

#4. Imagine Team Rocket featuring Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe.


#5. The only thing cooking in The Walking Dead is brains. Human brains whether it is because of the zombies or the content quality is still contestable.

#6. There Will Be Blood was pretty much a PSA about haircuts, I think.


#7. Hah! This is the most serious and inappropriate of goof-ups by Netflix. I wonder what Hitler would have thought about LGBTQ community.

#8. Kitten Party is the shiz guys. Watch it only on Netflix!


#9. Death humor is clearly a talent of whoever wrote it.

#10. Django Unchained was not about six white people in New York for sure!


#11. Is it true that Frank Underwood loves anime?


#12. Uhmm… Jesus did not die for your sins to be described as a Gatorade addict. WTF.

#13. Netflix means to say Holocaust was Hitler’s right of passage? Possibly?


#14. Still better than Ben Affleck’s Daredevil!

#15.Pretty sure Will Smith did not sign up for this!


#16. JC! From chocolate to this, that escalated quickly!

#17. That is too much tinkering on the film’s actual plot!


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