10 Porn Movie Titles We Found Hidden In The Lyrics To ‘Mohabbat Hai Mirchi’

Humanity is obsessed with sex. But Bollywood has famously tried to avoid the topic since its inception. Using the ‘everything but’ technique to its maximum potential. Which is why they have clearly been hiding disgusting messages in the funniest places. Like the 2002 hit song Mohabbat Hai Mirchi. Featuring the talents of Zayed Khan and Rakhi Sawant, for some reason. There are too many amazing porn titles hidden in this gem and we intend to find them all.

PS. We’re really not making this up. Feel free to read the lyrics to the song here.¬†

This is clearly NSFW unless you work at a porn production house. In which case – you’re welcome.

#1 Too Hot To Handle

Porn Titles

#2 ‘Jawani’, Sure. That’s What You Want To Fill

Porn Titles

#3 Eww…

Porn Titles

#4 Good Luck Getting A Rickshaw To Take You There

Porn Titles

#5 Amitabh Bachchan Ain’t Endorsing This Cadbury

Porn titles

#6 The One Dariya We Recommend You Never Swim In

Porn Titles

#7 Lady, It Is 32 Degrees Outside

Porn Titles

#8 To Be Fair, They Could Just Be Talking About Pani Puri

Porn Titles

#9 The Least Shady One

Porn Titles

#10 And The Most Shady –

porn titles

There are a lot of Hindi songs with questionable lyrics, but this one stands proudly above the rest. In case you’re feeling a little nostalgic, we have attached the video for your amusement.

So, will you be buying any tickets if these movies ever get made?

Special thanks to Harshad Gehi for making these amazingly shady creatives for your enjoyment.

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