These Hilarious Election Posters Will Make You Want To Start Your Own Political Party

This is a party alright; just not a political one.

A famous song once said ‘Aunty Police bula legi’. It was followed by ‘Par party yuhi chalegi’.

Keeping up with this theme, a handful of supporters put the party in politics by celebrating their heroes in a … creative(?) way. This often turns hilarious because these creative ways are borderline ironical memes.

Here are a few of the best posters that have been put up by supporters of several political parties.


“Main politics hoon. Main tumhari leta rahunga.”


Politics has turned into a pissing contest now.


*Insert Baahubali theme song in the background*


The CBFC might put a stay on her because her name offends people.


Amazing shayari.


Kripa baras gayi.


Yuggeeeee birthday wishes.


Lena aur dena hamara national past-time hai.


Pyaar koi khel nahi…


Koi toh free Wi-Fi de raha hai bhai.



Kaafi request kar raha hai bhai.

Which one of these posters is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments below.

H/T: Jansatta
You can read their article here.

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