Scientists Have Created A Dating Profile For A Single Frog Who Might Be The Last of His Species

It’s Valentine’s Day. The one special day for you and your right hand to spend a special day together.

Or your left hand. We don’t judge.

But you’re not the only one looking for love this V-Day. Meet Romeo.


No. Not that one. This one.


Romeo the frog is single, available and on the verge of extinction.

A Sehuencas water frog from Bolivia, Romeo is, unfortunately, the last of his species and according to a conservation group, he hasn’t had a mate in ten years. So he’s still better off than most of us, with the exception that there may be no female alive who can mate with him.

In fact, the conservation group has also stated that he has been practicing his mating call for years in his tank but with little hope.

So they did the one thing they thought might work. They made him a dating profile.

Scientists have tried their hardest to find him a mate, however, have not come across any living female of his species. Many of them lost their lives due to environmental changes.  The dating profile is a fun way to raise awareness and funding so that the species does not end with him.

The profile is currently live on But like a true forever-single soul, Romeo has a backup plan. Conservation groups have claimed that in case they cannot find a mate for Romeo, they’re open to looking at cloning as a way to keep his species alive.

So if you’re a female Sehuencas, get in touch with Romeo. He might be the one you were looking for.

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