7 Flying Cars That You Can Actually Buy In The Near Future

Flying. As humans, we’ve always been captivated by the ability to soar and glide amongst the clouds. From magic carpets to broomsticks to George Jetsons’ flying car, it seems only natural that the creations of our imaginations have often reflected this desire.
It was only a matter of time then, that technology caught up and led to the invention of the aeroplane. Now, with the world’s biggest companies on the brink of making their flying machines available for purchase soon, we’ll have officially moved on to the next generation of transportation.

Though it could be years before they’re regulated and safely introduced to the skies, here’s a look at the prototypes:

1. The Aeromobil Flying Car

If sources are to be believed, Aeromobil plans to produce 500 of their flying cars, and sell them at $1.2 million each. Because it is both car and plane, you have a choice: road or air.
Automotive Speed: 160 kph
Airspeed: VD – 360 km/h

2. Kitty Hawk Flyer

This Flyer’s creators believe that everyone should have access to personal flight, and so designed it for the recreational end of the market, specifically to fly over water. If they are to be believed, you don’t need a pilot’s license and you’ll learn to fly it in minutes.
The working prototype was revealed in April 2017. The official Flyer will be available by the end of the year.

3. Aurora LightningStrike

Created by Aurora Flight Sciences in partnership with Rolls-Royce and Honeywell, the LightningStrike is the first aircraft designed to demonstrate vertical take-off and landing and high efficiency in both hover and high-speed forward flight.

4. The Volocopter 2X

Unlike a traditional chopper, this flying machine has 18 quiet rotors, simple operation using a single joystick and the highest degree of reliability using superior design. No combustion engine, no noise, no complex mechanics, and room for two to arrive in style. It’s apparently priced at a reasonable $340,000.
Airspeed: 100 km/h

5. The Lilium Jet

The Lilium is the world’s first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet. It seats up to 5 people. The beauty of this system is its simplicity, allowing you to fly as fast as a Formula One car.
Airspeed: 300 km/h

6. Airbus Vahana

With eight rotors and wings that tilt up or forward for vertical or horizontal flight, the Vahana looks nothing like any of the other Airbus offerings. At the moment, it still only exists on paper but is being “built” around existing tech, like wings, control surfaces, and landing gear. A demonstration flight of the full-scale prototype with a 50-mile range and 140 mph top speed is promised by the end of the year.

7. Flike

Flike is a flying motorbike or a tricopter, capable of carrying one person or an equivalent weight of 100kgs. It can be piloted by the person on-board, as well as by remote control, and is capable of unmanned autonomous flight. Made of high-end material, and equipped with ultra-smart electronics, this machine is shaped for maximum endurance and agility. Considering the freedom it allows you, it’s also as safe as it can get.
Airspeed: 100 kph

Which of these do you have your eye on?

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