6 Vegetable Markets Of The World That Float On Water As You Ask For More Dhaniya

Grocery shopping is a chore that most of us will go to any lengths to avoid. Across the globe though, thanks to floating markets, it’s actually a fascinating experience.
Vibrant and buzzing with energy, these markets are like any other, except the vendors row in their wares, with buyers lining the docks to haggle and make purchases directly from the boats.

A distinctive feature of island countries where waterways were once the main mode of transport, these markets draw in not only locals but also tourists, even at ungodly hours in the morning.

Here are some of the best floating markets across the globe you should definitely visit for yourself!

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Thailand

The Damnoen Saduak market in Ratchaburi, like Thailand’s other floating markets that boast a speciality, offers authentic local products. Farmers paddle their produce along the ancient canals in wooden canoes from their fields outside the city.


2. Lok Baintan Floating Market, Indonesia

This floating market is a reflection of the Banjar culture and is less than an hour’s ride by riverboat from central Banjarmasin. by a riverboat.


3. Phung Hiep Floating Market, Vietnam

Phung Hiep is just one of the many floating markets in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Fruits, vegetables and even hot noodle soup are sold directly from the boats. The vendors hang their wares on long poles so that people can see what’s on offer from far away.


4. Dal Lake Floating Market, India

This little-known floating market on the gorgeous Dal Lake in Srinagar is solely a vegetable market. Business starts early in the morning with vendors paddling along their shikaras loaded with farm-fresh produce.


5. Inle Lake Floating Market, Myanmar

A five-day rotating event, this market moves to a different area each day and is sometimes held on the lake itself. Hand-made goods such as tools, carvings, ornamental objects, textiles and cheroots are traded on the small boats.


6. Solomon Islands Floating Market, Oceania

What it lacks in scale, this floating market makes up for with its lively energy. Here, most of the sellers are women who are often accompanied by their kids, steadily paddling their little boats along the pristine waters.


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