8 Times Firangs Made Mundane Desi Things Look Amazing

‘Teen goona Lagaan dena padega’ will definitely not sound cool if people like you and me said it but don’t we all remember how iconic this dialogue sounded when the firang in Lagaan said it?


I think Indians have this tendency to get fascinated by everything that Firangs do and Justin Trudeau’s trip to India is just another classic example of how we go crazy about the things that foreigners do when they visit our country.

Firangs have this quintessential image of India and well, they make sure they do everything in their ‘Trip To India Bucket List’ when they are here.

Well, let’s sit back and enjoy the 8 times Firangs did very basic things in India and somehow managed to make it look amazing.

1) Visiting Taj Mahal 

24 years in this country and I haven’t been to the Taj Mahal yet and even if I did, I don’t know if I’d wear a garland around my neck and look ‘Indian’ enough for the visit.

They make it look like a huge deal and we love it, don’t we?


2) Using Words Like ‘Aiyyo’ and ‘Achha’ 

I don’t remember the last time I said ‘Aiyyo’ for something unfortunate that could have happened to me but according to the Oxford Dictionary, foreigners use these two words the most and let’s not forget the ‘head nod’ along with it.


3) Wearing A Bindi With EVERYTHING 

When was the last time you wore a bindi with your jean and showed up at work? Look at them doing it and well slaying it!


4) Eating With Their Hands 

Yeah, I do it too but I don’t understand how they make it look that fancy. It is not a very pleasant sight when I eat sambar chawal without a spoon!


5) Cooling Chai in a Saucer 

Look at her! Doesn’t she look adorable? Do you think you can do that and still managed to get noticed? Only Firangs can do absolutely basic things and make it look such a huge deal!


6) Wearing Bright Colors With Swag 

Firangs have agreed to the fact that they are more comfortable wearing bright colors in India than doing it back home. I don’t know if I can wear shades of yellow, orange and pink in one attire and step out without feeling embarrassed.


7) Selfies With Elephants 

After spending all my life in this country, I don’t have one picture with an elephant but I am assuming every Firang who visits India, at least has one of these!


Now, this would be incomplete if we didn’t speak about Justin Trudeau’s visit to the country and how he ended up doing VERY mundane things and yet made them look absolutely cool.

8) Dressing Traditional and Making Rotis! 

No, we can never look this cool as we struggle to make gol chappatis under extreme pressure!

Also, this classy and colorful friendly Indian attire that the entire family managed to gracefully wear on a casual day.


We seriously love you guys and it’s wonderful how you take so many efforts to blend in <3
What’d your favorite Desi thing that Firangs do and well, end up looking very cool while they do it. You can also count Katrina Kaif’s hindi speaking skills here!

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