The World’s Fastest Versions Of 5 Modes Of Transport You Use Everyday

Human beings need to go from place to place every now and then. And because so far, we can’t teleport at will, we need to use different modes of transport.

Because sadly, people are almost always far far away from things we want and need. Like our spouses and our jobs. And more importantly from our local tapris and McDonald’s outlets. But if there’s anything an Indian knows, it;s get to the platform half an hour ahead of time so that you can take your train to reach only an hour late.

But that’s not true for everyone. Some people have access to better infrastructure or at least a butt ton of money which means they can reach places before the rest of us.

Because they’re getting to places in these –

#1 Cars


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The Maruti 800 was iconic for a number of reasons.

It was one of the cars that India produced the longest. It looked like it could fit 4 but it fit at least 7 if people were willing to get intimate.

It was the stud’s car for a whole generation and we love it.

But there were two things it couldn’t do – cost you  and go fast enough that you can get stuck in traffic before anyone else. Because you got to the gridlock at 435 kilometres per hour.

#2 Bikes


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There’s one thing that bikes have going for them – they’re sexy.

There’s an appeal to men and women who zip around on them in leather jackets. Cliche? Yes. But who cares. There’s nothing like cozying up to a person riding on a bike and putting your hands out like they did in Titanic.

Because for 20 somethings that movie is still a relevant reference.

Except when you’re on a Tomahawk. You might think you look cool driving it, but the woman behind doesn’t. She flew off the damn thing when you went from zero to 675 without warning.

#3 Planes


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The most annoying thing about planes isn’t the amount of time you spend in them.

It’s the time you end up spending waiting to get on the plane. And then the amount of time before the captain, Air Traffic Control and your muhurat agree you can take off.

And only then, can you rot in that smelly cylinder for 3 to 14 hours. At least when you’re in a fighter jet, you’ll have a little less time to kill with your phone on Airplane mode.

#4 Train


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There’s nothing to be said about travelling on local trains.

Literally, nothing can be said. You’re squished against a wall if you’re lucky and an armpit when you’re not. Open your mouth at your own risk.

But the Government plans to get a fast train to India – from Ahmedabad to Bombay. First dhokla then Black Dog. If it works out, they’ve really got things really sorted.

#5 Running


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Hey, we’ve all shuffled and jogged to places because we just couldn’t get a cab or because we missed the last train.

And none of have looked good doing it.

Which means Mr Bolt has earned this spot on our list.

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