Parents Moved Back With Their Son For 6 Months And Their Lives Changed Completely

Working out is so much more than just hitting the gym. It’s a journey, it is a lifestyle that changes you physically and mentally.  


32-year-old Chinese Photographer, Jesse decided to record his transformation and the best part of his journey was that he wasn’t alone in this. His family decided to change their lifestyle with Jesse and made their journey towards weight loss together.

Jesse’s mom and dad moved in with him to ease his wife’s pregnancy and that’s when Jesse decided to use this opportunity that helped his father fight alcoholism and also resulted in his wife’s healthy pregnancy.

Don’t they make a beautiful family?

The journey was obviously not easy but the results are brilliant! 

They definitely look fitter and happier! 

Getting rid of that belly must have been hard! 

Now, that is some epic transformation by the father-son duo! 

They sure look good and also more confident! 

There couldn’t be a change more positive! 

Jesse believes that this transformation not only made them fit physically but also emotionally. The family supported each other for six months and their hard work is very evident in these pictures. This regime was initially meant for six months the family now follows this lifestyle strictly. They believe this has changed them positively and we couldn’t agree more.

What do you think of Jesse and his family’s amazing transformation? Let us know your views in the comment section!

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