Falling Doors And Rings Of Fire : On Set Accidents That Affected 10 Of Bollywood’s Best Actors

Being an actor is fun, but nobody ever said it was safe.

In fact, if these on-set stories are anything to go by, actors have always faced a bit of an uphill battle while shooting for their movies. whether it’s freak accidents or a bit of recklessness, on set accidents are a tale as old as time when it comes to Bollywood’s best actors.

#1 Kajol Lost Her Memory


Apparently, the actress suffered a nasty fall while working on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

In one interview, Shah Rukh Khan specified how worried everyone was on set. Reportedly, Kajol couldn’t recognize anybody for half an hour and only began to come around after talking to Ajay Devgn for a while on the phone.

#2 Amitabh Bachchan’s Fall Worried A Whole Nation


Coolie is a pretty well-known film, but an infamous incident that took place on the set was Amitabh Bachchan rupturing his intestine.

The actor needed to roll over a table for a fight scene but ended up getting hit by the table’s corner and ruptured his intestine, leading ot severe internal bleeding. The entire country was seen praying for the beloved actor’s recovery which thankfully happened without further incident.

#3 Dangal’s Strenuous Actions Scenes Took A Toll On Aamir Khan


Aamir Khan quite famously did not use a body double for his film Dangal. Taking on his role with the dedication and drive the actor is well known for.

However, during a sequence being shot at DY Patil stadium, the actor slumped over and eventually was unable to stand up. After about half an hour of him being unable to stand, he was taken to a hospital where the doctors explained he had suffered a serious shoulder injury.

#4 Hrithik Roshan Powers Through A Brain Clot


On the sets of Bang Bang, Hrithik Roshan bumped his head admirably hard.

Despite a blinding headache, apparently, the actor refused ot stop filming. They did eventually discover the headaches were, in fact, being caused by a blood clot. For which the actor underwent surgery in 2013.

#5 Aishwarya Rai Was Run Over By A Jeep


Remember how Aishwarya Rai’s character kills Akshay Kumar in Khakee? Remember how mad that made you?

Apparently, the shoot was anything but easy for her either. A sequence in the film had her and Vivek Oberoi standing in front of an approaching van, but the van lost control and eventually, it swerved into the actors. Thankfully, both of them landed on a nearby bush and were relatively unharmed.

#6 Shah Rukh Khan Had A Door Fall On Him


You would assume that over his illustrious career, Shah Rukh Khan has suffered through plenty of mishaps. He has.

A lot.

But the weirdest one was when he was crushed by a door that fell on him during the shoot of Happy New Year. While shooting at a swanky Mumbai hotel, a door just casually fell on the actor who continued with the shoot. But later on, it turned out he’d fractured his shoulder and injured his knee.

#7 Ranveer Singh Is Hard To Keep Safe


Ranveer Singh has had a rough time because almost every single project the man works on ends with him suffering some or another injury.

He got Malaria and a skin infection while shooting Gunday.
Cut his foot while shooting Ram Leela.
Had an entire platform crash down on him and cut his cheek.
Fell off a horse while shooting Bajirao Mastani.

Suddenly, we feel bad about skipping work because of a fever.

#8 Kangana Ranaut Got Her Head Cut Open With A Sword


While shooting for her upcoming project Manikarnika, she miscalculated the timing while shooting for a fight scene and ended up getting cut in the face with a sword.

The cut was squarely on her nose and doctors said she was lucky because it was fairly close to the bone.

#9 Akshay Kumar Jumps Through Hoops For Your Entertainment


Rings Of Fire aren’t really left lying around, which is why not too many people get injured jumping through them.

But Akshay Kumar did while shooting the introductory song for is sequel Singh is Bling. The actor was leaping through a fiery hoop and in a freak accident, ended up getting burnt. Apparently, the actor kept his cool and carried on like a champ.

#10 Torn Ligaments Do Not Get In Salman Khan’s Way


Salman Khan is not a fan of movies where’s he’s not some sort of a badass. Which is probably why he ended up with a ligament tear while shooting Wanted.

But doctors be damned, the actor just carried on and began shooting for Dabanng where the injury eventually caught up with him. The shoot needed to be suspended for ten days so that he could recover.

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