Facebook Is Asking For Your Nude Pics To Prevent Them From Spreading Online

SEND NUDES is the battle cry of a whole generation of creeps.



You expect dudes on Tinder to ask for nudes.
You expect drunken exes to ask for nudes.
You do not expect a multi-million dollar tech company to ask for nudes.

But Facebook was never one to play by the rules, so they went ahead and asked for your nudes anyway.



The social network is trying out a revolutionary new technique for combating revenge porn on their platform after the secret group Marines United was discovered. The group consisted of around 30,000 explicit photographs of servicewomen that had been shared without consent online.

Facebook’s strategy is to have consumers send explicit photographs via personal chats with themselves and tag the image as a “non-consensual intimate image”. The image is not stored by Facebook, however, the website will build a “hash” of the same. A unique way to identify the file, making it easier to track if uploaded online and then taken down.


This feature has initially been introduced in four countries, including Australia.

While their intentions are good, the technology does expect users to put a lot of faith in Facebook and it’s own security measures.

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