Did You Know Facebook Let’s You Block Out Your Least Favourite Memories On Particular Days?

Just imagine you broke up with this awful person a couple of years ago. Actually, exactly two years ago, to the day almost. You’re over it, but would rather not think about it too much. You’re moving on with life and scrolling through their Facebook feed when BAM! Turns out that horrible person got married and decided to bombard your Facebook wall with all their happiness. There is a solution though – Facebook preferences.

The sane thing to do would be to remove them from your friend list and never have to look at them again. But then how will you be able to stalk their feed for pictures of their puppy? Or make unsolicited comments about their new haircuts? After all, what would they be without you constantly following up on their shitty life after you left?

Never fear!

Facebook lets you filter out those undesirable individuals for that one god awful day. The procedure is fairly simple. First head over to the “On this Day Option” visible on your Homepage. 

Facebook preferences

And then, coming to terms with your feelings about that woman who insisted she loved you but then insisted the same with four other dudes – head on over to the “Preference” setting. 

Facebook preferences

Simply enter the person or the time period who’s garbage you would rather not deal with today and rejoice!

Facebook preferences

Apart from filtering out people, there are entire chunks of time you can avoid altogether. Like all those pictures or you pole dancing drunk on your wedding day for example. Or Sunny Leone while prepping for your exams.

Facebook preferences

Thank you, Facebook. Now we can block out that deep deep unhappiness – if only for a day.

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