Mark Zuckerberg’s Hearing On User Privacy Issues Produces More Memes Than Answers

Facebook is that face that launched a thousand ships, Helen of Troy is no competition for it. Bad joke aside, Facebook is in a tight spot right now because it is being criticized for breach of user privacy. Mark Zuckerberg was at the joint hearing of Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees for putting user data at risk. It did not go well for him.

Remember last month when  Cambridge Analytica was trending? Well, it was alleged that Facebook data was being sold to the firm for a price. This hearing was aimed at clarifying these accusations of misuse of user data and Zuckerberg had to answer some tough questions for 4 long hours.

While Zuckerberg hasn’t provided any satisfactory answer for the claims against him, he sure has added to the meme material. Here are some of them.











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