Meet Fabian Thylmann – The Man Who Made Porn Free On The Internet

For many, many years, porn on the internet was a paid commodity. You couldn’t watch porn, unless you shelled out a few of them dollars. Combine that with abysmal internet speeds in India, and you could only watch porn when your shady friend gave you a CD.

But Fabian Thylmann changed it all. The reclusive German entrepreneur created Youtube-style porn websites, where anyone could stream, upload, or download porn videos, free of cost.

fabian thylmann


Fabian Thylmann found MindGeek, a company that owned free-porn websites. After initially struggling to find funding for the company, his fortunes changed when a bank finally decided to back him. Soon he owned Redtube, YouPorn, and PornHub.

In 2012, 80% of all the porn traffic on the internet was on his porn sites. However, in 2013, he gave up his entire stake in the porn industry. For the uninitiated, that’s a LOT of people on these free porn sites, considering PornHub alone averages 10 million clicks per day. Fabian Thylmann became so rich at one point that he had fish pond inside his house that was so big, that he had to hire a diver to get inside it and clean it.

Fabian Thylmann


One cannot emphasise how important this man has been for the porn industry. He might not be active in the industry anymore, but his presence can still be felt.

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