These Are The 10 Most Expensive Liquids On This Planet And The Purposes They Serve

If  you were feeling too good about yourself, you should know your blood is cheaper than nail polish.


Most ridiculously expensive things really can’t justify their price. Because if your life savings are being drowned to accommodate a tiny vial of liquid, it better do some amazing stuff.  Which is why the public caves and buys it anyway.

Here are 10 most expensive liquids ever sold and what their purpose is:

#10 Patchouli essential oil — $605 i.e Rs 39,126 per gallon i.e 3.7 litres.


We mean it’s oil. How expensive can it get?

It’s made of some fresh and dry leaves of this plant called Pogostemon. It is said to help in treating fever, fungal infections, and kidney stones. 

#9 Human blood- $1,330 i.e Rs 86,013 per gallon


Khoon ki keemat tum kya jaano?

It’s surprising how we can put a price on blood but processing and storing blood costs a lot of money.

#8 Nail Polish-  $2,200 i.e Rs 1,42,277  per gallon


Here we refuse to pay even 200 bucks for one bottle.

Anyway, the price listed is a chip resilient brand. The shit is still expensive.

#7 Mercury- $2,966 i.e Rs 1,91,815 per gallon


This is a little understandable.

Mercury is the only metal in the liquid state.

#6 Insulin- $13,100 i.e Rs 8,471,96 per gallon


Insulin is created by the pancreas and its purpose is to hold up the glucose level in your blood.

#5 Horseshoe crab blood- $53,250 i.e Rs 34,437,57 per gallon


This might seem a little stupid but there is an explanation.

This crab’s blood doesn’t have hemoglobin and that’s why it is blue. The blood clots very easily and that’s a very rare quality. It is used for testing different medications.  The crabs are set free after blood is drawn from them.

#4 LSD- $109,200 i.e Rs 70,621,27 per gallon


This is useless.

The happy drug is banned in all countries, apparently.

#3 King Cobra Venom- $135,700 i.e Rs 87,759,22 per gallon


This is understandable but who buys it?

Whoever collects the venom of the most poisonous snake, risks their lives. Apparently, it is used in the production of medicines that help cure schizophrenia and depression.

#2 Scorpio Venom- $34,626,000 i.e Rs 2,23,93,153,59 per gallon


Bicchoo Bicchoo

The protein from the venom is used for the production of medicines for rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

#1 Alcohol- $ 35,598,000 i.e Rs 23,02,176,057 per gallon


Daaru is life when it costs you every organ in your body.

The spirit is made from the lemons of Amalfi hills. There are 3 diamonds on the neck of the bottle that weigh around 13 karats. And there is a huge 18 karats one in the middle.

Which one are you going to spend your money on?

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