Everything You Need To Know About The 7 Products Google Launched Yesterday

Google launched around 7 products yesterday in Calfornia


Google held a press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. From smartphones to a wearable camera, the tech giant launched 13 products. The event was a low-key one but it is now clear that Google does want to be a gadget company. The products look absolutely brilliant and we can’t wait for them to launch in India. Here are the products:

#1 Google Clips

Google clips

A camera that you can attach to your clothes, that’s the dream! The dream is now a reality and we can’t keep calm. Apparently, the little square will know when the light, time, the frame is right and will click the photos. It is priced at $250.

 #2 Google Pixel 2


There is no headphone jack in this one. As Google struggled to keep up with the storage of Google Pixel, we hope things change this time around. The phone will be available in India on 1st November and is estimated to be priced at Rs 61,000.

#3 Google Pixelbook

Pixel book

A four in one laptop that weighs around 1 kg! You can use it as a laptop, tablet or flip it over. The Pixelbook price starts at $999.

#4 Google Pixelbook Pen


A stylus that has 2000 levels of pressure and it is priced at $99.

#5 Google Pixelbuds


Wireless headphones are here! The headphones will come with a charging case and will add around 24 hours.

#6 Google Home Mini


Home mini will be coming in three colors; grey, orange and black. It is entirely covered in fabric and has LED indicators on the surface.

#7 Google Home Max


“Honey I blew up the kids.” It might be Google’s answer to Apple’s HomePod.

How excited are you?

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