You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Estimated Cost Of Production Of The New iPhone X

The cost of production of iPhone X is not even 50 % of the selling price.


The new iPhone X is the most expensive one till date being priced at $999 and in India will be around 1,02,000. iPhone 8 is priced at 89,000 and upwards. The new one is said to have a full display, animated emojis, facial id, and wireless charging. YAY, we guess!

We jotted down the estimated cost of production of the new iPhone X.


The cost of production is estimated to be around $412.75 i.e. 26,440 and the selling price in the U.S.A is $999 i.e. 64,111. The costliest item is the 5.8 inches Super Retina Display. The price of the screen in itself is estimated to be around $100-$120 per unit.

Apple’s new chipseet costs $26 i.e. 1,671 and the 3D face ID sensor approx costs $25 i.e 1,607.The Toshiba NAND memory costs $45 i.e 2,892. The list goes on and on.

A 59% profit margin is quite an achievement, isn’t it? There are costs like logistics and cost of producing the software which is not included here. The estimated profit margin can be at least 40-30% even after including the other costs.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone!

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