8 Much Loved Foods That Will Probably Soon Be Off Shelves!

Remember how the monsoons just refused to go away this year and we were all convinced that the Gods must be crazy? There’s no denying that the climate change is here and making its impact, not only on our day to day lives but on agriculture as well.
Here are the top eight foods that will soon cease to exist if urgent measures aren’t taken.

1. Chocolate

More than half of the world’s supply of chocolate is produced in areas like Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It’s predicted that ongoing droughts and rising temperatures could significantly reduce the production of chocolate by 2030. Guess I need to find an alternative stress snack soon.

2. Fish

Fishies know that first hand that something’s not quite right with the planet. Thanks to overfishing, pollution, and rising temperatures that hamper reproduction, there’s been a huge decline in the population of fishes like salmon and tuna.

3. Peanuts

Peanut pods are fussy. Too little rain and the pods won’t germinate, too much rain and the plants will mold. They also require five months of consistently warm weather. But recent droughts and heat waves have been destroying peanut crops entirely and some say that the species might just go extinct by 2030.

4. Chickpeas

Every ounce of Chickpeas grown requires a whopping 76 gallons of water. It’s no wonder then, that droughts around the world have led to a 40% decrease in production. Bye, bye hummus?

5. Coffee

Wild coffee beans are anticipated to be gone by the year 2080 thanks to rising temperatures. Savour your morning cup while you still can.

6. Maple Syrup

Our favourite pancake topping is produced from the sugar maple trees that require very specific and stable weather conditions that the planet can no longer offer. Thanks to global warming, the syrup-producing season is beginning earlier and earlier.

7. Honey

We’ll soon have to forget the taste of nature’s natural sweetener and make do with artificial sugar thanks to Colony Collapse Disorder.
The unfortunate decline in bee population means no more honey.

8. Bananas

Bananas across the globe are being attacked by Panama Disease. The fungus causes the plant to wilt and eventually die from dehydration, and entire species and plantations are being destroyed as we speak.

I guess the minions won’t be too happy about that!

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