Girls, Here Are The 7 Most Embarrassing Things Your Mom Never Told You About Sex!

If you grew up in a traditional Indian home in the 90’s, chances are your first and only introduction to sex was when you saw Rose and Jack get handsy in the back seat of that car on the Titanic. Well, you didn’t actually see them, but you knew something was up (pun intended) and had the sense to avert your eyes as your parents hastily changed the channel.

You probably waited years before that short skirt wearing girl in your class would prance in and tell you all about the enticing world that lay on the other side of your hymen.

If you didn’t even have that happen, well, here’s a little crash course on all that important sex stuff you weren’t given a formal instruction in.

Take notes.

1. Not all women orgasm during penetrative sex.

It’s no one’s fault. Okay, it’s not so much someone’s fault. They are other ways of getting there. Seek the almighty clitoris.


2. Female ejaculation or  “squirting”, as it’s more affectionately known as, is just pee and happens to everyone. So is queefing.

Queefing what happens when air trapped in the vagina during sex tries to escape, and makes a little farting sound. It’s also what makes you and your partner giggle. So no need to be embarrassed about it.


3. A girl can break a guy’s wee wee.

Not technically, but yes, you can bend it. And if you do, it’s going to be painful and you’re going to end up in the ER answering awkward questions while the guy’s wheeled in screaming for an immediate surgery. Careful what you sit on.


4. It’s going to be really uncomfortable at first.

Don’t panic. Things get easier and better once your lady bits get used to the…activity. But always take it slow.
Especially when you’re trying it through the back door. Don’t just close your eyes are dive into the deep here. Educate yourself first, maybe it won’t be so bad.


Did I say it’s bad? Oh, I don’t know. I do know about taking care of your own wee wee though.

5. Sleeping nude or going commando is a great idea when your vagina needs to breathe.

Just make sure you’re home alone though. You don’t want to risk exposure.

Speaking of which, no, it isn’t a big deal if you take a guy home and you’re not smooth as a skating rink down there. A bit of fluff is ok, really. Most guys don’t care anyway. Prune your garden prudently.


6. You’re allowed to say no to something that makes you uncomfortable.

You’re also allowed to say something when your boyfriend has no idea what he’s doing down there. But don’t go on a rampage and crush his ego. Say something like “Mmm, that feels good.” Then guide him into doing what you want, and tell him to pretty much never stop.

Practice the same etiquette the other way around. When you have no clue what you’re doing, let him guide you. Don’t bare your teeth all at once, a light, sensual graze is okay. A big old bite is bad. Deep throating will fire up your gag reflex, consider yourself warned.


7. It’s okay to not be okay with giving someone a BJ.

There are always other …options.


Lastly, don’t let any jerk make fun of your O face. I let someone make me feel stupid for years before I learned that everyone has a weird, unique O face.

If you don’t, are you even having one?

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