Missed Out On The Ed Sheeran Concert? You Can Relive It All With These Stunning Pictures

Missed the concert? No issues. We’ve got you covered with these amazing pictures from Google Pixel 2.

Ed Sheeran set the stage on fire on Sunday evening with performances that’ll last a lifetime in the hearts of countless fans who flocked to the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai.

But with tickets being sold out fairly early, a lot of fans missed out on a sensation performance by Ed Sheeran.

Still suffering from FOMO? Fear not as we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few images from Google Pixel 2 that will definitely make you feel like you were a part of the humongous crowd at the Bandra Kurla Complex.


I don’t need? I do need Ed Sheeran #teampixel in my life.


This looks magical… just like Sheeran’s voice.


How do we start a petition to get Ed to perform in Delhi as well? Just take a look at this.


FOMO hitting you hard? Same :'(


What’s better than an Ed Sheeran? Four Ed Sheerans.


This picture from #teampixel makes me fall in love with Ed all over again.


Ed Sheeran is not just a person. He is an emotion.


Haddaway were wrong. The answer to “what is love” is Ed Sheeran.


I need two things in my life right now – Ed Sheeran and #teampixel.


If Ed was a blues artist, this picture would have had so many layers.


How did #teampixel manage to capture so many colors in one picture? This looks a little too real. FOMO is hitting me hard.


A sea of people and an Ed Sheeran mesmerising them with his soulful voice. What a picture, this one!


These images from #TeamPixel are everything I could have hoped for. If you were present at the concert, we hope you relived the experience. For those who weren’t there, we hope this made up for that. But one thing is for certain, these images are absolutely stunning.

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