14 Different Types Of Dumplings That Every True Momo Lover Should Bite Into

Dumplings are food made for gods. They are so versatile that you can make a great momo with literally any filling. They are great for those hunger pangs.

Every country has their own version of dumplings that are delicious. Dumplings are technically a dough with any filling that is fried, steamed and/or baked.

If you are a momo lover as I, you’d love to get your hands on these.

#1. Kothey Momo

These half-fried and half-steamed momos will make bad days good. It can include a variety of fillings and is often folded in a crescent shape.


#2. Jhol Momo

Jhol Momos come dunked in a liquid. Usually, the broth is tangy and spicy and compliments the meaty momo filling. If you want to get rid of a serious cold, grab a bowl of this.


#3. Manti

These Turkish dumplings are wholesome. They are made with ground beef or lamb and can be cooked by boiling or steaming.


#4. Sui Mai

Sui Mai is pretty much your regular momos, only it is open faced. The dough covers the sides but the top is left open.


#5. Siomay

This Indonesian dumpling is the real deal for seafood lovers. Traditionally made using Wahoo fish meat and vegetables, these dumplings are best enjoyed with peanut sauce.


#6. Har Gow

These dumplings are usually filled with prawn meat and have a translucent outer cover. The wrapper is pleated for a sturdy filling and is one bite-sized.


#7. Khinkali

Usually made with beef or lamb, this Georgian dumpling is eaten with ground black pepper. Key to a great Khinkali is to use uncooked meat filling, so when the dumpling is cooked, the wrapper collects all the flavorsome juices of the filling.


#8. Dhapu Momo

Closer to steamed buns, than traditional dumplings, these momos are for serious hunger pangs. They are much larger in size and have a thick wrapper.


#9. Thai Sticky Rice Dumplings

Unlike a dough wrapper, these dumplings are encased in sticky rice with meat for the stuffing. The parcel is then wrapped with a bamboo leaf and left to steam. When it is cooked, what you get is mushy rice wrapper with flavorsome centre.


#10. Yomari

A Nepalese specialty, these dumplings are perfect as a dessert. It is quite similar to our Indian modaks.


#11. Pierogi

Originating from Poland, this dumpling can be made with savory or sweet filling. It is a Central European specialty.


#12. Ravioli

Ravioli is often touted as pasta, in actuality it is a kind of dumpling. The savory filling of meat is encased between two layers of thin pasta dough. It is then cooked in boiling water.


#13. Jiaozi

A common dumpling found in China, this fun is stuffed with minced meat and vegetables. It is a tradition to eat it during Chinese New Year festivities.


#14. Modak

This Indian dumpling is quite popular during the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities as prasad.  The filling consists of grated coconut and jaggery. The wrapper is made by mixing rice flour with khava. The best way to eat this sweet dumpling is piping hot with a dollop of ghee or butter.


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