“It’s So Hot, I Could Fry An Egg On The Footpath” Is A Cliche, But This Guy Has A Video To Prove It

I have been to Dubai exactly one time, it was horrible. The food was the one thing that kept me going for the 37 hours I was in the country. Otherwise the Dubai I ended up seeing was a series of air-conditioned rooms and a giant ass mall where I couldn’t afford anything. But it would seem there are in fact, rooms in Dubai that are not air-conditioned. And in these places, the temperature has risen to a point where you can cook an egg on the pavement. 


The channel called fatafeat has some pretty hunger inducing food related content, this video has to be the best. After all, there is something quite fascinating about straight up frying an egg on the road. Even if the temperature was a blistering 46 degrees Celsius.

The video begins with the triumphant lines –

“Today we’re going to cook an egg outside in the heat…it’s like 50 degrees,”

And true to his word, the egg cooks as soon as it hits the pan. the pan in question was left lying on the pavement for about 10 minutes.

This might just be the quick solution you’re looking for when in need of a snack outside.

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