15 Drunk Texts That’ll Remind You Of The Weekend Just Gone By

It’s about time we start having phones that come with a warning when we are drunk. We shouldn’t be allowed to use our cell phones under the influence of alcohol because, well, alcohol can be a bitch. 


We’ve all had one of those nights when our senses and emotions go for a toss and we end up texting things we are definitely going to regret later. Hey, it happens to all of us and these 15 text messages are an example of how every human who has used this device called the ‘mobile phone’ under the influence of alcohol, has woken up with some epic text messages and well, also tons of regrets.

1) How Drunk Could One Be?

2) Drunk People Don’t Really Get Things In The First Time, Do They?

3) Yeah, That Happened!

4) I Don’t Blame Her. I Would Have Done The Same.

5) Oh No, Dad Must Not Be Very Pleased.

6) Hate It When Friends Tell You What Really Happened!

7) I Am Guilty Of This!

8) Happens To Me All The Time But With The Specs!

9) Oh Drunk Online Shopping.

10) I Wonder How An Obese Penguin Would Look To A Drunk Man

11) We All Need Weird Friends And Also Codewords

12) Oh, Isn’t This Extremely Relatable? Alcohol Makes Conversations Easy

13) Smooth Move Drunk Human, Smooth Move

14) Now, This Happens To All Of Us!

15) I Don’t Know If This Is Possible But If It Is, This Could Totally Be Me.

Have you had such embarrassing drunk text moments? What’s the most awkward text that you’ve either received or sent? Share them with us in the comment section and the next time you go out drinking, do not forget to keep your phone away.

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