This Video Is Going To Ring Loud In Your Head The Next Time You Go Drunk Driving

The number of drink and drive accidents in the country refuse to come down and we as citizens do absolutely nothing to make it better. This initiative by ICICI Lombard is a small step that can save lives. Drunk driving is not only hazardous to the one doing it but also to people who are on the road either walking or driving back home after a long day at work.

It’s about time we realise that it’s NOT okay to mix our alcohol with driving. It’s not okay for our fun to become someone’s tragedy. It’s not okay to be drunk driving!

A father who lost his son due to somebody’s fault of drunk driving now lives in a state of vacuum and helplessness. This is the story of his initiative to make sure no father has to ever go through what he did. This campaign by ICICI Lombard will make you acknowledge that drunk driving is not even an option! #IWillDriveYouHome

Next time you go drinking, make sure you either take a cab back home or you have someone who’ll be there to say #IWillDriveYouHome

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