This Drunk Couple Dares To Ask The Question – “Why Have Sex On A Plane When You Can Have It Outside A Bar?”

Sex is great, right? I mean, where else can you literally spend time pushing bits of you around and call it productive? But there is no doubt that despite all the people who crib about no having sex, we sure do love talking about it. Which is the only possible reason a video of a couple having sex on a plane to Ibiza went viral online. Because people are too lazy to go all the way to PornHub and type in “sex on a plane”. But not to be outdone, this London-based couple decided to take it one step lower, and just fucked outside a bar. And when the crowds caught sight of a couple having sex, they did the one thing they could do – filmed it.

couple having sex

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – step right up! Step right up!

You don’t have to go online to find your porn any longer, you don’t need to type out those long, tiring keywords that take up so much time! Now you can just hang around outside bars and eventually, PORN COMES TO YOU! I mean, there’s nothing sexier than awkwardly fucking outside a bar while red lights illuminate your lust.

I mean add some backup dancers and it’s a Ram Gopal Varma item number waiting to happen.

couple having sexSource

The absolutely best part of the video, however, has to be the part where random dude starts playing the accordion and they don’t even flinch – nope. They just keep on banging through the music and the sounds of people laughing at them, because once again, in case nobody noticed, they’re just doing it on the street.

Interestingly, the song’s tune has been copied in Hindi and the lyrics go – “Sochna hain kya? Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega?”

couple having sexSource

Naturally, this raises a lot of questions – who are these people? Nobody knows. but an onlooker who was present at the scene clearly had a few things to say –

“At one point the bloke fell over he was so drunk but he just got up and started again.

They must have been there for a good 15 minutes before a barmaid from the pub came outside and told them to move on but even then they just walked a few yards further down and started again in a shop doorway.”

Quote Source

I guess you could watch the video here…if you’re into this stuff. I mean I didn’t watch it and forward it randomly to friends and co-workers. No way…I just shared it with the world, in case they would be interested.

You watched it? So shady you are. But who knows what encouraged this behaviour? Maybe that fish and chips sign got them really excited, fried fish is delicious after all…

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