[Watch] Crowd Goes Crazy As Drake Stops His Concert Midway To Call Out A Molester

Drake’s not just an amazing musician but also an amazing human being and what he just did at his latest concert, we honestly couldn’t respect him more. 


Drake got done with an amazing concert on Wednesday at Qudos Bank Area, Sydney and was hosting an after-party event at Marquee Nightclub when he stopped to call out to a man who was constantly groping women in the crowd.

He asked the music to be stopped and as he pointed out to the man who was molesting women, this is what he said, “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and fuck you up!”

The audience can be heard cheering in the background and supporting Drake of his bold move.

A fan recorded a video of Drake pointing out to the man:

Drake, you’re a blessing to mankind! Thank you for making such awesome music and taking such brilliant steps for your fans <3

Don’t you think it was pretty awesome of Drake to do this for his fans? Share your views about this with us in the comment section!

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