Domino’s To Pay A Fine Of Rs. 9.5 Lakh For Using Cheese That Wasn’t Stringy Enough

A Domino’s outlet in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh got in trouble because they took their cheese too lightly.

Anyone who orders from Domino’s knows that their pizza is meant to be cheesy and stringy.  To be precise Domino’s is supposed to use ‘diced super stretch Mozzarella cheese’ where the milk fat content should be equal or more than the prescribed minimum limit of 35%.


The  Shahjahanpur outlet made pizzas that did not meet this criterion sadly, and now they suffer.

A report studied a sample taken on July 2015. The food security officer – yes, that is a legit job –  had sent the sample to the lab for the test. And voila, it was found that the fat percentage was insufficient.

On analyzing the reports, Additional District Magistrate (ADM) has now fined the Shahjahanpur outlet. The Jubilant Food Work manager of the district will now have to pay a fine of Rs. 4 Lakh, the supplier of cheese –  Schreiber Dynamics Dairies – will pay Rs 5 lakh. The remaining Rs. 5o,000 is imposed on Suresh Upadhyaya – the seller.


That is what happens when you dupe cheese lovers. Karma loves cheese and it will seek its revenge.

The next time you feel your pizza isn’t cheesy enough, you know where to go.

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