RaGa Posted Video Of Him Training His Dog But Couldn’t Keep Twitter’s Reactions On A Leash

Rahul Gandhi just tweeted a video of his dog on Twitter on Sunday. For the record, we have nothing against the dog.


Most people do better in life when they have a dog. Dogs make everything better right? Unless of course, you are Rahul Gandhi. In this case, even something as simple as training a dog can backfire spectacularly.

In the 14 second video, Gandhi is seen snapping his fingers, yelling on the top of his voice and instructing the pet. The pet is seen being obedient and shows a trick.

Here’s the tweet:

This is how the folks on Twitter reacted:

#1 This is the best use of photoshop.

#2 Who’s the genius who made this?

#3 Where should we sign the petition?

#4 This man said it

#5 Arrey arrey

#6 Vote for?

#7 BEST ever.

#8 Pidi is amazing and intellectual

#9 Kaafi accurate?

#10 Piddi giving gyaan for free.

#11 What did we just read?

What do you think about this?

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