Do You Know How Much Google Pays For It’s Built- In Apps On Your Mobile?

We get it for free but Google actually pays for that!


Andriod users, you might not even think twice about these apps anymore. In fact, you might be so used to these apps that they now have taken a precedence over any other app. We rely on Google Maps on daily basis. Songs are played on Google Music, you can’t live without Chrome and Google Photos. But have you wondered why your phone has Google Apps pre-installed?


Most of the Android users have Google’s Android OS which means that apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive etc. are pre-installed on smartphones.

Google pays around $ 19 billion each year to be the default search engine on iOS, and Google apps preinstalled on Android phones.


In 2012, Google shelled out nearly 7% of its total expenditure on this. In 2016, Google has spent nearly thrice the amount. In fact, Google has paid nearly $3 billion to Apple to be the default search engine for built-in web searches on Safari.


So when smartphone manufacturers like Samsung Or Motorola want to add Play Store on their android phones, they have to invariably agree to install other Google apps on their phones in order to do so.

What do you think about it?

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