6 Disturbing Sites The Dark Web Has Played Host To

If you haven’t even heard of the dark web, don’t worry, you’re among a majority of people. If you have, however, then you’re most likely terrified of having to do anything with it, thanks to the reputation it’s earned for itself.

Basically the 21st-century black market, here are some disturbing things you’d find there if you ever accessed it through the Tor network. Though the sites keep changing, the perversion stays.

1. Sad Satan

This nefarious video game effectively utilizes distorted music, interview clips, obscure images and sound effects that get creepier as you progress deeper into the shifting maze.

2. Pink meth

Despite the name, the site had nothing to do with drugs. Pink Meth was a market where people (mostly men), could sell nude photos of their exes alongside their names, home addresses, phone numbers, and any other information for a hefty sum. Then, a ransom on the content was delivered to the victim, forcing them to pay up. Thankfully, the site was seized by the FBI in 2014.

3. Cruel Onion Wiki

The site collates links to videos of fully or semi-nude women killing and torturing small animals, usually in a sexualised fashion. The creatures are crushed, sat on, or suffocated and some of the most popular tags for the videos include “Lethalpressure,” “Buttcrush,” and “Underglass.”

4. Cannibal Café

This site was one of the first vorarephile forums that listed recipes on how to cook certain limbs or genitalia, specified the juiciest cuts, and also featured some really creepy user artwork. It also offered opportunities to discuss… necrophilia.
Yup. Not making this up.

5. The Human Experiment

The site that operated on the idea that “not all humans are equal for some of them are born superior to others” was shut down in 2011.
The owners would abduct unindexed people and perform depraved experiments (paid for by customers) on them, to see to what extent they could survive.

6. Violent Desires and Hurt2theCore

When people talk about cheese pizza on the dark web, they’re not really talking about food. CP refers to child porn that comes in a variety of disgusting options like ‘jailbait,’ ‘hard candy,’ and ‘hurtcore’.

If these left you feeling sick, I guess I don’t need to get into the gory details of all the sites offering assassins for hire and Redrooms where you can pay to watch people tortured and killed live.


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