If You Find These Images Funny, Internet Has Definitely Ruined You

Internet is the home for sugar, spice and everything not nice. One of the biggest upsides to spending way too much time on the internet is getting aware of the world around us.

What level of awareness is too much awareness, you ask? Well, these images are going to prove it that you’ve been spending way too much time on the internet.

“I’m Pickle Rick. Tickle me!”


She is the expert at Baba Ramdev’s Alom-Vilom classes.

Is she pregnant or perfectly matching with the cap? We’ll never know.

This picture is the inspiration behind Lana del Ray’s summertime sadness.


She can hover over water. Netflix should make a series on her.

This guy is holding a cherry. But lag nahi raha.

Those are that baby’s legs; not what you think they are.

Straight outta Junoon!

That’s a baby holding her dad’s thumb.

What a thicc couch.

I’ve spent too much time on the internet to not know what these look like.

Even this is coming but you aren’t.

Not a very good job by the artist.

This guy looks horny AF

Internet has given me a lot of things, but it has definitely taken my innocence away. If you found that statement funny, I’m pretty sure your mind is in the gutter as well.

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Supriyo Mukherjee

If you can dream it, Supriyo can definitely meme it.

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