Guys, Diljit Dosanjh Is Finally Over Kylie Jenner, His New Single ‘High End’ Is The Proof

Diljit Dosanjh wowed us with his striking debut with Udta Punjab. Then he wowed us with his stalking skills and his knack for professing love on social media.

He had made the headlines previously for his public infatuation with Kylie Jenner. He has commented on her Instagram multiple times. With his immense dedication, he seems to be in a one-sided relationship with her.

Or this.

To this.

This long-distance relationship just got a little complicated. Diljit has decided enough is enough after no response from his lady love. His latest single ‘High End’ from album CON.FI.DEN.TIAL is throwing all kinds of attitude.

The man is clearly hurt and is not interested in investing more of his time, he chose instead to give no f**ks about Kylie or Kim and he says as much in the song.

The video features his trademark swag, with swanky cars and high-end mansions. When you write a song for Kylie, you certainly go the extra mile. The production value is high end too!

Yeh sab toh theek hai, but someone needs to tell him how to spell confidential.

Diljit Dosanjh can have Kylie for all I care, can I get that swanky orange car though!

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