8 Facts About Diljit Dosanjh That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Him All Over Again

Punjab’s Gabru and our forever favorite Jatt, Diljit Dosanjh is not just a brilliant singer but also an amazing human being and what could be a better way to celebrate his awesomeness than sharing his awesomeness with all of you?


Diljit is at the peak of his career and has fans all across the globe but that hasn’t changed him as a person as he is someone who prefers staying close to his roots. His jolly nature along with his brilliant sense of humor makes him one of the most humble people to have reached this level of fame.

Here are 8 facts you probably didn’t know about the ‘Lamborghini’ singer:

1) Diljit Is A Man Who Has Risen From The Soil


Hailing from Dosanjh Kalan village near Jalandhar, Punjab, Diljit began his singing career by singing kirtan at local Gurudwaras. Born to Balbir Singh and Sukhwinder Kaur as Daljit, he moved to Ludhiana for further education. With absolutely no connections with the industry, it was just his passion for music that has brought him where he is right now.

2) According To Diljit, He Is Not Very Comfortable With English


Diljit prefers Punjabi over any other language and makes sure he has someone by his side when the other person is talking in English. He admits the fact in all good humor and we couldn’t help but fall in love with him even more after his witty approach towards this language barrier.

“Ek mujhe english nai aati, toh mujhe ye bhi laga rehta tha ki koi banda mere naal raho, abhi kuch kehdeti, mujhe kuch samjh ni aana. Banda koi gal kehda, main hmm Yes, Gal over.”

3) He Is Against The Usage Of Explicit Lyrics


During an interview, he mentioned that if his son ever objectified women, he’d beat him up. He respects women and makes sure his music does not use them as a selling factor.

“Mera beta kahega bomb lagdi menu, toh mai kahunga chhittar maarnehai maine tere.”

4) He Changes His Phone Number Every Month


Diljit likes to keep his life personal life away from media and believes that his number should be available only with his manager and his family members hence he changes his sim card every month. However, fans need not feel disheartened because our Punjabi Munda is very active on social media and you can certainly get in touch with him out there.

5) He Is Very Fond Of Feeding People 


A true Punjabi by heart, Diljit loves to feed people and but the idea behind it will crack you up. Diljit likes feeding sweets to people around him so that they put on weight and he can look lean in contrast. Diljit is giving us some serious Punjabi goals.

6) Diljit Is A Huge Kylie Jenner Fan 


Now, this is something all of us know, don’t we? His comments on her pictures on Instagram make his love for her very evident and he has accepted the fact that she was the inspiration behind his track ‘Do You Know’. He also has shown the desire to create a pop song with her in future

7) He Has Got A Heart Of Gold 


Apart from being the best at what he does, he is also a very kind human and in 2013 he founded the ‘Saanjh’ Foundation that works for underprivileged children and senior citizens.

8) Diljit Lives Up To His ‘Urban Pendu’ Tag 


His fans gave him the title of ‘Urban Pendu’ which means someone from the village with a lot of swag. Our Punjabi Swagger has got two clothing brands in his name with the first one being ‘Urban Pendu’ and the other being ‘WEARED 6’.


From keeping his fans entertained with his music and humor, he is definitely a born Superstar <3

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