Have You Ever Been Confused About The Difference Between ‘Ganja’ And ‘Bhang’? Here It Is

Now that Holi is upon us, it’ time for some thandai and maalpua.

One of the most asked questions during this festive period is whether you’d like some bhang. Considering the lack of knowledge surrounding the cannabis plant, we thought we should clear some misconceptions.

Bhang is an edible form of cannabis popular in the country of India. It usually comes in a paste and can be mixed in with all sorts of meals. Bhang is decarboxylated marijuana leaves. This is dissolved in any oil/fat like milk/ghee with other flavorings (the prep is called thandai in some parts of India) to make it taste good. It is also made from the male plant.


Ganja is simply a slang term for Cannabis.

It is the Sanskrit word for the dried buds of the cannabis plant.

While weed or Ganja is the marijuana bud (of female marijuana plant). This has higher concentration of THC than the leaves. It is not decarobxylated as when its smoked, it decarboxylates at that time to 9 delta THC.


The high related to bhang is much more intense, if you consume it in large quantities considering you are a seasoned smoker you would still face an intense panic attack while you’re on it lasting around all the time till you sleep.

To better understand the difference, the body loosens 5x more compared to ganja while consuming bhang and the high is 2x significant even if you are the top of your game. Bhang is 3x delirious compared to ganja and the high last significantly more than ganja (around 12 hours and a sort of hangover even after a full sleep).

The chemical breaking down from bhang Delta-0H-11 THC while from ganja is Delta-OH-9 THC. Bhang is more rich in CBD but packs much more THC than 10 joints of regular weed combined which adds with effect of Delta-OH-11. With great amounts of THC comes greater tolerance build up, you would as soon as 4 days stop feeling the effects on a high scale but would only feel intense euphoria continually after building up tolerance.

Note that the tolerance build up from bhang would blow all the weed you smoke afterwards out of water theoretically not feeling anything after smoking joints or blowing bowls at all.


When taken; ganja and its products takes lesser time to get activated when smoked. The smoke is rich in THC and mixes well in blood and gets deposited in fatty tissues or adipose tissues. When inhaled lot of biological activity takes place simultaneously and spontaneously.

When bhang is consumed the lipi-thc component break in stomach and mixes in blood stream hence taking a bit longer often gives high without notice it may last for a day or sometimes two based on amount taken.

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