Celebrate Dhanteras With 11 Tweets That Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

So, Dhanteras is here, which means it’s time to tell your boss you’re going home to meet your family.And then go to the bar to meet 750 ml of Old Monk.


But there is more to this festival than purely material pleasures, like gifts and gold on Dhanteras. It’s about love and togetherness and itchy kurtas and stale boxes of mithai. Bringing people from all walks of life together and then highlighting income disparity based on how much cash can be spent on useless gifts. Looking forward to Amazon sales so you can buy those headphones you always wanted and a table mat that your mother never asked for.



It’s about how great this weekend is going to be till your boss inevitably calls you to do something that you can easily do on Monday. it’s about frustration that the weekend didn’t go as planned.

But we have something that should help. Tweets that our brethren on Twitter have helpfully put together to make this Diwali go as humorously as possible.












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