These Jokes Are The Only Thing Visible In Delhi After Dense Smog Causes Health Emergency

Delhi is covered with a smog blanket and an emergency was declared.


Doctors in Delhi have declared a pollution emergency as smog chokes the capital. The declaration of IMA (Indian Medical Association) has stated that the most harmful pollutant known as PM 2.5 has reached 703 micrograms per cubic meter. In 2014, the WHO (World Health Organisation) named Delhi as the most polluted capital.

Obviously, the folks on Twitter had nothing better to do than joke.

#1 Ji haan!

#2 Bilkul sahi

#3 This man said it!

#4 You’re human!

#5 Shayari kahin bhi hai.

#6 Koi burnol laao!

#7 Very good question!

#8 Well.

#9 Tu hi nahi dikhega!

#10 Sach hai

#11 Wah, Modiji!

#12 Yeh bhi dekh lo.

#13 Cigarette pi lo!

#14 Bahut kharab hai yeh wala.

#15 Exactly what’s happening.

What are your thoughts on this?

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