This Couple’s Photoshoot Portrays What Dating Will Look Like In Delhi In The Future

Even with the smog enveloping Delhi, one thing is clear, people do crazy things for love.

In the age of Internet and cynicism, one couple stood apart. They did not let the errant smog ruin their best moments. They instead embraced it. The Delhi smog is very much a man-made disaster and it just got personal.

This past week the smog took over a lot of public space. The air pollution is making lives of Delhiites miserable. They can no longer eat golgappe and momos without caring about the air they breathe in. Dubbed as ‘The Great Smog’, it is already a huge transportation hazard. The iconic monuments and locations of Delhi too are hidden behind a thick sheet of smog.

Photographer Ashish Pareek came up with a cool idea of using it in his photos to tell a different narrative. For his latest project he incorporated the smog into his shoot and the pictures he captured are amazing. 










The use of mask and the smog does give this photoshoot a dystopian twist! It also brings to light the grave importance of improving the air quality in a place like Delhi.

Image and photography credits: ASHISH PAREEK via Banjara Studios.

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